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The following is a general list of resources I have started using but have not gotten far enough in to feel confident writing reviews on yet. The order in this list does in no way suggest the order in which they will be posted on this site. There are no estimated times of release for these reviews as I would rather wait until I understand the resource well enough before posting a review in order to provide you with the best information that I can.

Under Review:

  • Genki I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese
  • Conversational Japanese: Anne Kaneko
  • A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese: Florence Sakade
  • Japanese for Busy People
  • Essential Japanese Kanji: Volume 1: Tuttle
  • Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book Volume 1: Tuttle
  • Japanese Step By Step Second Edition: Gene Nishi
  • Moe Kanji/Kana
  • Work and Live in Japan As An Alt/TEFL teacher: Ashley Cowan
  • The Most Basic Japanese All You Need to Know to Get By: James McGlasson And Kaori Kohira
  • ねこまき
  • My First Book of Japanese Words: Michelle Honey Brown
  • Yeitheodora Ozaki: Japanese Fairy Tales
  • Hanasaka jii-san: Japanese Reader Series
  • Children’s Book I Spy a Monkey in Japanese
  • Japanese for Beginners 2nd Edition
  • Am I Small?
  • Essential Japanese Grammar: Masahiro Tanimori
  • Instant Japanese: Boye Lafayette De Mente
  • First Japanese Reader for Beginners Bilingual
  • Teach in Japan: Escape Unemployment
  • Japanese for Dummies
  • Cannon Japanese/English Electronic Dictionary – Wordtank IDP-610E
  • Japanese Short Stories For Beginners – 9 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Japanese and Expand Your Vocabulary While Having Fun: The Language Academy, Hiromi Zeid

Debating Reviewing Youtubers as Well. Let me Know Your Thoughts?


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