Go! Go! Nippon!

Go! Go! Nippon!

Difficulty:  ☠

Rating:  ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

Yes, I have a dating sim on here… Go write your own review if you’re gonna judge!

This one was suggested to me a number of times but I could never take it seriously. Then I finally gave in and bought it on sale, and I am definitely thankful I did.

Go! Go! Nippon! is a tourist information brochure for Japan disguised as an average trope filled anime show. You play as a foreign guy who gets to experience his first trip to Japan and is doing a homestay at the house of two guys he met in a chat room while learning Japanese. Only it turns out it is not two guys, but in fact two girls, who do their best to show him the best sights in his 6 days visit as they can.

Storywise, it’s okay. You do have some shoehorned tropes, but it is pretty clean and cute. The ending will change based on which types of locations you visit the most (I am not sure what happens if you tie them between the two sisters…) and the endings do have a bit of an “aww” factor.



One of the coolest parts of this game that I hadn’t learned until recently, is that they keep re-releasing it every year, adding in new and updated information based on the current state of Japan. I jumped from the original 2014 version to the 2016 version and found it really interesting just how much more info they have managed to cram in.

If you are about to go to Japan yourself, this game has all the info you will ever need. From how to buy train tickets, to cell phone usage, to cultural traits, to historical sights, to best foods, to local tricks, and more! It even has the option to set the current exchange rate between your country’s dollar and the yen at the beginning of the game so it can track your in game purchases and show you the price of meals, travel, etc.

If you’ve made it this far in studying Japanese and somehow still manage to hate anime for all that it is… maybe just buy a lonely planet book…. but if you like anime and love Japan, give it a try! It’s pretty fun and you learn so much!